Duct Installation

Duct Installation and Fabrication

The experienced technicians and fabricators at Volunteer Mechanical install and produce quality duct systems. Our large fabrication shop allows for duct to be built quickly, efficiently and to our high standards. All of our duct is built to industry standards or greater. With the extensive machinery and technology our shop is capable of building a large variety of duct styles. We don’t stop with fabrication, at the install we communicate with our customers to ensure correct airflow, sizing, esthetics and structural stability.

Commercial and industrial duct installation offered by our experienced team:

  • Rectangular
  • Spiral
  • Double Wall Spiral
  • Exterior
  • Paint grip
  • Welded Round Duct
  • Grease Duct
  • Dust collection
  • Lined duct
  • Exhaust duct
  • Ventilation systems
  • Multiple Styles of Insulated Duct
  • Exhaust Stacks

Recently completed duct jobs:

  • Spray booths for boat fabrication – Included filter bank, exhaust duct and makeup air duct
  • Dust collection duct for aluminum furnace – Over 200 feet of 30″ welded duct
  • Cooling drops for industrial applications – Double wall spiral duct with custom diffusers
  • Replacement of duct in a bank after fire – Rapid replacement of commercial duct
  • Exhaust fan venting – spiral duct for a clean and efficient look
  • Grease Duct for commercial hood – Fully welded per mechanical code
  • Restaurant exposed spiral duct – paint grip spiral duct for a great commercial look
No job is too big or too small